New Moon Wishing

This exercise ideally takes place just (JUST!) after the New Moon. Click here for the Moon Times this month.

1. If you have a Wish List from last month, read it over, to see which came true – then thank the Universe. If it’s clear one or two wishes are no closer to coming true, consider revising them. What on your list have you edged closer to?

2. Decide on your Top Ten Wishes or Intentions for the coming four weeks.

3. Be as specific or vague as you want to be, (and please include World Peace, for the good of the planet!)

4. Write your wishes and/or intentions down – either on a sheet of paper with a pen, or with coloured pens, pencils and so on. The more energy you invest, the better your results are likely to be.

5. Read them out to the Universe then either bury or burn your list, or set it aside so you can check it this time next month, to see how your wishes worked out.

THIS IS THE CRUCIAL BIT: Really really FEEL how you would/will feel if and when the wishes come true. Hold those feelings.

6. Get on with your week, safe in the knowledge that you’ve expressed your wishes to the Universe. Do all you can to make them come true.

7. Important: If you wish and wish and wish and your wish doesn’t come true and you don’t actually even seem to be edging in the right direction, then it’s time to contemplate if it’s the right thing for you.

EVEN EASIER: Alternatively, just say “Om Namo Narayani ” three times every New Moon (or as often as you like all month – this means “I surrender to the Divine Mother” in Sanskrit (the world’s oldest language) and implies a trust that God/dess will bring you what is best for you…

For a super-simple, 1-page 7 Step New Moon Wishing Guide in a printer-friendly format which you can have sent to you by email instantly, please click here

Good luck and blessings!

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