There is a very intense New Moon in Scorpio coming.

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New Moon at 27 Scorpio
SYDNEY: November 18, 10.42pm
NEW YORK: November 18, 6.42am
LONDON: November 18, 11.42am

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Have to say, this New Moon could be something of a doozy. When a New Moon takes place, one of the things which influences is the astrological action taking place just after it.

In the case of the November 2017 New Moon in Scorpio, the first alignment to perfect after the New Moon is fairly heavy duty! It’s clash between the two most incendiary Mars and Pluto.

Adding fuel to the fire and fanning the flames is that Mars and Pluto and both planets strongly associated with Scorpio, the sign the New Moon will be in. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio.

So all in all, this is not so much a New Moon as it’s a massive lunar explosion!

One one hand, it’s a time to watch your temper and stay away from anyone who you know has a cruel streak.

On the other, the upside of Mars/Pluto’s clash is that it’s drive (to the point of compulsion and obsession) and (within the confines of a love relationship) could be very passionate and sexy.

The darkside is there could be fury and even violence, so take care! Regular readers know that I am not one to focus too much on the darkside but in this case, the warning seems justified.

More than likely, for most people, this will be a creative, magical, if a little tense time. However if you are already in a situation or relationship where there is a threat or menace, be extra careful.

All that said, of course, this is still very much a New Moon to use as a tool for manifesting. The energies of it are so intense, wishes will be hotter as well. Think about your ambitions and think of how to make them happen in ways that will suit everyone – that is another way to work with the New Moon energy.

It’s also very helpful to work out where in your chart the New Moon will be taking place – that will allow you to plan for the month ahead. In a nutshell for all  the signs (read your Rising Sign if you know it, for more accuracy) it’s:

Aries – to do with sex and money
Taurus – your love life
Gemini – your daily life
Cancer – re romance, kids and creativity
Leo – at home and with family
Virgo – the way you express yourself and re neighbours
Libra – your finances and self-worth
Scorpio – your whole life!
Sagittarius – your fears and spirituality
Capricorn – your social life
Aquarius – your career
Pisces – to do with travel, study and the Great Cosmic Quest


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