Feel the fire!

As the Full Moon takes place in the sign of Aries this week, it’s a very good time to stop for a moment and take a breath. Yes we are cruising fast towards the very hectic end of the year, but sure that is all the more reason to take a moment.

The Aries Full Moon energy is hot. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the God of war, the planet of blood and fighting. That in no way suggests there will be more wars or fighting than usual this month though. In fact, the Full Moon is about the end of a cycle, so in fact, now is a good time to let anger go.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac – it’s pushy and fiery. If you know about astrology, you will know that we all have all12 signs of the zodiac in our chart, so we all have a sort of Inner Aries. Wherever that is where you’re going to feel the Aries fire this month.

On the one hand, do be careful that you don’t push yourself too hard. Aries energy is dashing to the point of rashness and brashness. If you’re already feeling on edge the combined Full Moon and Aries energy could tip you over into burn out! If you want to live consciously in rhythm with the Moon, then now would be an ideal time to become really aware of if you’re running yourself ragged and/or being a bit too feisty with others (perhaps as a result!)

On the other hand, if in fact you feel like you have been running low on mojo recently, this is the time to reconnect with your passions. Go outside on the night of the Full Moon (Thursday) and meditate, or just breathe, or even talk to the Moon. If you like to connect with the heavenly realms, the angel Ariel and the Goddess Athena are associated with Aries, so light a candle and talk to them.

The top 5 questions to ask yourself under the Aries Full Moon

  1. Have I been hot-headed, selfish or argumentative this month?
  2. Have I been going too fast or been impulsive this month?
  3. Have I been brash, blunt or too competitive?
  4. Have I ignored other people’s finer sensibilities?
  5. Have I had enough fun?

Full Moon at 13 Aries

SYDNEY: October 6, 5.40am
NEW YORK: October 5, 2.40pm
LONDON: October 5, 7.40pm

Next month, the Full Moon in Taurus – a time to wrap up loose financial ends.

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