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Make peace with love

Make peace with love

Crescent Moon in Libra: This is sort of the equivalent of the Moon in the 7th House. And if Jupiter is aligned with Mars? Whoosh! Libra is the sign of partnership and relationships, so when the Moon is in this sign, it’s a wonderful time to turn your mind to matters...


Eclipse kit: Let it all go and live better! 

By Yasmin Boland. Updated every Sunday

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FYI the New Moon eclipse cometh


COSMIC COLUMN June 24 2018

COSMIC COLUMN June 24 2018

Cosmic GirlA mixed week…It's a mixed week this week as the planet of action, drive and determination, Mars, appears to slow right down and starts to move backwards in one of its rare retrograde cycles. Whereas Mercury goes retrograde about four times a year, Mars only...

Meet Moonology’s Yasmin Boland


My name is Yasmin Boland and for the past (nearly!) 20 years, I’ve been teaching people to work with the magic of the lunar cycles. 

If you’ve been working on manifesting and creating your own reality but so far, nothing has worked, working with the Moon really can be the missing link! It will also allow you to connect to the Divine, the God/dess, the angels, your chakras and more.

Working with the Moon will unleash the powers you were born with to manifest your life. Try it.  

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