Intense energies!

This Full Moon is especially good for Aries, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians and Aquarians, but it’s more challenging for everyone else.

◗ The energy is… Fiery and rash.

5 questions to ask yourself under the Scorpio Full Moon

1. Have I been hot-headed, selfish or argumentative this month?
2. Have I been going too fast or been impulsive this month?
3. Have I been brash, blunt or too competitive?
4. Have I ignored other people’s finer sensibilities?
5. Have I had enough fun?

Download the free 5 questions worksheet…

Would you like a free worksheet which you can either fill out on screen or print out to answer these important questions?
Just click here.

◗ Message of the Full Moon: Life isn’t a race or a competition.

◗ Find a balance between: Your needs and those of your significant other or best friend(s).

◗ Forgive Perform the ‘Full Moon forgiveness ceremony’ on page 143 of my book Moonology if you have it. Write your forgiveness list and then burn it.

◗ Be grateful Perform the ‘Entering a state of gratitude ceremony’ on page 144 of my book Moonology. Write your gratitude list and then burn it.

The Full Moon can help you!

We all know that we go a little loony at the time of the Full Moon. One of the best ways to tap into the Full Moon is to do the EMOTIONAL WORK – hey, since our emotions are UP, might as well access them, right? That means doing an inventory of your feelings – which is the first step to processing them. This free worksheet – written especially with the Full Moon in Scorpio in mind – will help you do exactly that. Also now write-on-able on your screen – no need to print out. Click here to download it.

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