Third Quarter Moon into Taurus: This is a lovely Moon sign – the Moon and Taurus go really well together. They both have a bit of a ‘food’ thing going on: the Moon rules food and Taurus loves food. So, watch out for overeating if you’re watching your weight, but enjoy yourself if you’re not. This is a sensual and relaxing Moon placement so try not to have anything too jarring to do. Having a massage or lazing around all day in bed with your lover/cat/a cup of tea is ideal. This is a No Rush day. That said, if you do have a lot to achieve today, the slow and steady plod of Taurus will aid and abet you. If you’re aiming to increase your cash flow, the abundant Taurus Moon makes it a very good time to work on your visualizations and plans.

◗ Good for… Relaxing and canoodling, eating and basking.

◗ Not so good for… Doing unpleasant tasks.

◗ Do… Indulge your senses and enjoy some creature comforts.

◗ Don’t… Be stubborn.

– From my book Moonology
Please note these Daily Moon Message are valid for 24 hours, wherever you are in the world!

Daily Stars

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Tap Into The Moon With The Cosmic Extras

Cosmic Extras

Taurus Cosmic Extras

Top 3 affirmations:

1. ‘I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise!’

2. ‘Thank you, Universe – all my needs are provided for!’

3. ‘I’m worth it!’

Essential Oil to use: Ylangylang

Mantra: Lam. Chant it out loud or silently

Chakra: The Root, aka Muladhara

Angel: Chamuel, archangel of love

Goddess: Abundance Goddess Abundantia

Cosmic Ray: The 2nd ray which is blue

There’s more information about working with the Cosmic Extras in my book Moonology

Get ready for the eclipse!…

There is an eclipse coming – a New Moon eclipse in the sign of Moonchild. Whether you are a Moonchild yourself or not, you will not want to miss the chance to work with this one, since it’s all about home, family and private life. Get our free New Moon in Moonchild worksheet here.

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