The New Moon in Aquarius 2021 will take place at:

London: 11 Feb, 7:05pm, 23:16 Aquarius
Sydney: 12 Feb, 6:05am, 23:16 Aquarius
LA: 11 Feb, 11:05am, 23:16 Aquarius
NYC: 11 Feb, 2:05pm, 23:16 Aquarius

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Please note this information comes from my best-selling book Moonology

1. Detach

Release and let go of attachment at this New Moon (see Part III). Aquarius is the most detached sign of all. People get confused about Aquarius because although it’s the Water Bearer, it’s an Air sign and as such it tends to live a lot inside its own head. This has its drawbacks of course, but overall, the place where we have Aquarius in our chart is where we can be pragmatic, as opposed to overly emotional and too led by feelings only. Sometimes logic is called for.

2. Be true

Use the New Moon in Aquarius to ask yourself if you’re giving yourself the space to be your true, own unique self. Aquarius is the sign that doesn’t care about convention as much as the rest of us. It actually makes sense that Valentine’s Day falls in the Aquarius period, since people fall in love when they see someone’s real self, weird bits and all.

3. Be inventive

If you’re feeling stumped by someone or something, harness the New Moon in Aquarius to come up with a new idea or invention or solution. The Aquarius energy is all about looking forwards to the future and what’s next. It’s a fashion forward sign that also rules technology and progress. If you’ve become stuck in a rut, this is the time of year to acknowledge Plan your life with the New Moon that and make some changes. Make like the Aquarius energy and care less about society’s norms. (Within reason, mind – do no harm!)

4. Be charitable

If you only make one charitable donation a year, make it when the New Moon in Aquarius is taking place. Aquarius is an energy that wants to work for the betterment of the human race and this is the time for all of us to do our bit.

5. Connect

Be sociable this month too. Aquarius is a funny sign in that it’s almost better at relating to large groups of people than it is one on one. That’s why it’s such a humanitarian sign. So when the New Moon in Aquarius takes place, it’s a great time to check in with your friends and social circles. Aquarius has a real sense of people getting together for a common ideal, so seek out your tribe.

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