1. Communicate

Think about how well you’re communicating with the people who matter most to you. Gemini is the sign most concerned with this subject, and the New Moon in Gemini is a wonderful time to check in with yourself. For example, are you being honest about how you feel? Or are you whingeing and then wondering why your ‘requests’ don’t get the response you would like?

2. Meditate

Think about your mental state. If, like most people, you feel as if your brain is racing most of the time, then one of your New Moon wishes this month could be around promising yourself more mental time out. As I explained earlier, meditation is one of the best ways to relax your brain. You can do it even in the middle of the busiest day.

3. Socialize

Ask yourself how well you’re greasing the social wheels in your life. Gemini is a wonderfully flirtatious sign (and we all have Gemini somewhere in our chart). So how are you doing when you go to a party, for example, or when you come up against a gaggle of fellow school mums, or when you’re at work and you’ve no choice but to socialize? This is a good time to brush up on your lighthearted small talk! Seriously. If it doesn’t already come easily to you, life will be easier if you work on this.

4. See your siblings

Get together with your sister(s) or brother(s) or neighbour(s). This might sound a bit superficial but if you only do it once a year, when the Moon is new in Gemini, at least you will stay in touch. If you haven’t been on good terms with a sibling, now is the time to make some changes there. Start by doing that most Gemini of things and talking or writing to your sibling as a first step to sorting things out.

5. Read more

Reading is also strongly associated with Gemini so get your reading list on track. What are you really interested in? Are you pursuing it? It’s easy to lose years of our lives to browsing the internet or watching TV. At least once a year, at the Gemini New Moon, draw up a reading list for yourself. Order the books, pile them up somewhere visible and then work your way through them. Your life will thank you.

6. Work with the New Moon through intention-setting and our free worksheet

Every month, the New Moon is THE time to set your intentions and make your wishes. The New Moon heralds the start of the Waxing Cycle of the Moon which is all about letting the Universe know what you want. Just getting clarity on this is a miracle-maker. You can find out how to do all his AND work with the particular energies of this New Moon when you join the (free) Moon Lite Club here

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