Cosmic Girl – December 18 2016

Stop the presses! Mercury starts retrograding this week, so we’ll have Mercury going backwards on Christmas Day.

That might sound like a bad thing but it’s actually potentially a bonus. It means Mercury will start to reverse just one degree before hitting catastrophic Pluto.

In other words, there could be some tensions leading up to Christmas however there is a good chance they will ease up before they get to exploding point.

There will be no column next week or the week after, so please keep this advice in mind for December 25 if you’re spending it with people who push your buttons; to quote Confucius, “when anger rises, think of the consequences”.

Or to quote a Facebook meme I saw this week “part of being mature is realising that not everything requires your comment!”

Being mature and thinking of the long-term repercussions if you do find yourself at odds with anyone this Christmas, really is the best solution, as Mercury reverses in Capricorn.

The good news for those that celebrate it is that Christmas Day itself looks pretty good this year. There is actually a wonderful Saturn/Uranus link.

In a general sense, it suggests that a lot of the hard work we have all put in this year looks like starting to pay off as we get to the end of the year.

In a more Christmassy sense, it suggests that if you work hard to get one with someone who usually rubs you up the wrong way, you could actually turn the relationship around.

And that has to be worth an effort!

Remember as we head towards the end of the year, it’s the right time to be making your New Year’s resolutions, not least because there will be a New Moon on December 29.

If you can find the time to do your list of aims and plans for 2017 at 5pm on that day, you will harness some quite amazing energies.

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