Today’s eclipse can help you release anything which is holding you back. Think about where you have gone wrong in the past and forgive yourself.

The Full Moon Eclipse takes place at 16 degrees of Aquarius

SYDNEY: August 8, 4.10am
NEW YORK: August 7, 2.10pm
LONDON: August 7, 7.10pm
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Why TODAY’S Full Moon eclipse is the time to release fear

Under this Full Moon eclipse, just decide to let all that **** go!

Sorry for swearing to the sensitives out there but the eclipse takes place just after a very cleansing and clearing Jupiter/Pluto clash. Jupiter is the planet of “lots of” and Pluto is the plumber of the zodiac.

Full Moon is always time to release. So all in all, if you want to do an emotional or actual detox, or even just declutter your home, you have great stars for it.

This eclipse in Aquarius is activating with the Root Chakra which is where we store fear, so if you can release a fear, do it!

That usually happens once we work out where it came from or how it somehow keeps up ‘safely stuck’. There is always a set-up in our upset.

To work on your Root Chakra, make sure to feature and focus on the Goddess pose in your yoga practise.


Don’t underestimate the power of the eclipse – it’s a portal through which you can leap to another life.

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