Lessons in letting go!

A lot of people are still writing to me about my Cosmic Column disappearing from the Sunday Telegraph and other Aussie newspapers – I wanted to give you an update as there are some cosmic powers afoot!

As you might know, it was axed after about 15 or more years because of budget cuts. The horoscopes are still in there!

After receiving dozens of requests, I did actually ask the lovely body+soul team if I could have an email address for people to write into, to voice their feelings, as a lot of people had asked for one.

I was told gently that the column isn’t coming back, and to give out the new online address for it here (you can even sign up to have it delivered to you every week at the bottom there…)

Feeling a bit sad about it, I drew a card on it and got one of my FAVE Goddesses, Quan Yin with the message LET IT GO!!

What are the chances?!?!

I like to think this is less about letting go of the column itself (since I am still being paid to write it for a WA paper, as I had a different deal with them) and more about letting go of trying to “help” it come back again.

So it seems I am to let go and just see what happens. Maybe Mercury retrograde will work some magic or maybe not!

(You may not know, this column was actually axed 10+ years ago, then reinstated six weeks later, due to reader outcry and demand… so it does happen…)

If it does comes back, it will be because it’s meant to, not because I put energy into it… 🙂

So anyway, a few days after getting my Let It Go card, I happened to be in a bookshop with time on my hands, when I spied Doreen Virtue’s Daily Guidance From The Angels book –

Being the persistent (ie stubborn) type, I confess I asked AGAIN about the changes going on for me professionally (there is more, which I will tell you about later!)

Because, you know, one LET IT GO crystal clear answer wasn’t enough, right?!?!

And of all the HUNDREDS of possibilities, I got a very similar message (number 337 for those who have the book) which said:


“This is a time of positive change for you. It’s important to focus on what’s coming up, instead of worrying about what you’re letting go of. You’re in a growth cycle, so you may … Today we angels want to herald and celebrate the new beginnings in your life! ”

Honestly, you wouldn’t read about it, right?

So I will let the column go and if it comes back, it’s meant to be. I have already started to work on tweaking the column’s focus, so it’s more Moon-centric! 

It’s all been quite amazing! I think it’s all as a result of turbo-charging everything while I was in India at the Sri Narayani Peedam. I do trust that all is well!

I feel I am being pushed in the right direction. I am working on some very amazing, long-time coming things which I think I and you are going to love.

I thought about where to go professionally with Moonology a LOT while I was in India at the magical ceremonies. I was waiting for inspiration and it’s striking now.

Sometimes we just don’t know what the Universe has in mind!

Om Shakti! Om Namo Narayani!

Speak soon!

Love Yasmin xo

The link again for the Cosmic Column online is here.