What Is Moonology?

Hello and welcome to Moonology!

Everything happens for a reason, so there is a reason why you are reading this.

Perhaps you’re one of the thousands or even millions of women (and some men) who are waking up to the POWER of the Goddess that is the MOON.

Perhaps you’re at the end of your tether – you know what you want but you don’t know how to get it.

Perhaps you’ve been trying your hardest to manifest but nothing has been working.

Perhaps someone told you about the successes they’ve had by harnessing their manifesting skills to the Moon’s timing.

Whatever the case and why-ever you are here, welcome!

My name is Yasmin Boland and I’ve been working with the Moon for two decades now. I believe it’s my mission here on Earth to wake others up to their powers by teaching them to manifest the lives they dream of, using the Moon as a cosmic timer.

I can attest to the amazing twists and turns that come with tuning into the lunar power, through my own experience and the experiences of the thousands of women I have had contact with and taught about the Moon over the past two decades. (If you would like to hear my story, sign up for my Daily Moon Message here).


So what is Moonology? Actually it’s a word that I made up which means “the study of the Moon”.

This Moonology website (and my best-selling book of the same name) aims to teach you ALL about working with the magic of the monthly lunar cycle.

Note that in the case of what I currently teach, it’s not about where the Moon is in your own personal horoscope. It’s about what astrologers called THE TRANSITING MOON. That is, the Moon up in them there skies RIGHT NOW.

Stick with me and you will learn about the Daily Moon in my free Daily Moon Messages (which I have been sending out for more than 20 years), the New and Full Moon and eclipses.

Tuning into the magical Moon up in the skies has definitely changed my life for the better and I know it can change yours too.

My hope is that you will “do the work” and discover Her potency to help you to connect to the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, your inner sorceress and indeed all your powers to create the life you have only been dreaming of.

So get ready – we are off to the Moon!


PS: If you would like to stay in touch on social media, you can find me at the links below – the ones with my name in them tend to be more personal, whereas the ones with Moonology in the title tend to pure Moonology:

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