What Is Moonology?

The idea of working with the Moon is at least 26,000 years old.

We know this because of cave markings found in France. Ancient men and women needed to know when the Moon was going to be brighter (Full Moon), or invisible (New Moon), and so they carved out a sort of diary timeline which recorded the cycles that you are going to learn about on this site and in my book Moonology.

While that’s the earliest known recorded evidence of humans working with the Moon, there is a big gap between that and what we know about women working with the Moon about 1200 years later.

So who were these women? Mostly they are unnamed. Working with the Moon was a part of life. While men wrote astrology books, few women wrote Moonology books. But that was mainly what women worked with – the Moon and Venus (both the Moon and Venus represent the Divine Feminine in astrology).

These women were healers, medicine women, wise women and regular women.

They knew that working with the cycles of the Moon made it possible to make magic.

And then something terrible happened; the Burning Times. From 1300 to 1800, it’s estimated that hundreds of thousands or even millions of women were burned at the stake or drowned or hanged for being “witches”. For the record, the word “witch” comes from the olde English word “to bend” because these women knew how to bend reality.

But they were burned for it, so they stopped doing it, and they stopped teaching their daughter’s how to do it.

Several hundred years passed and then, at the end of the last century, something powerful started happening; the Divine Feminine began to re-emerge. The Goddess was rising again. She is here.

This has coincided or perhaps led to the newest wave of women’s movement that we see today.

So where does Moonology fit in to all this?

In using the Moon as a cosmic timer in your life, you are re-uptaking the ancient Moon traditions used by your foremothers on and off for the last 25,000 years at least.

If you want to break it down to its simplest form, this is it; at New Moon we set our intentions and make magic, and at Full Moon we surrender to the Divine.

You don’t need to be an astrologer, a witch or anything else to do it. Everyone can join in. You don’t have to be female either, for that matter. In fact, although the Moon is actually seen as feminine in most traditions, while the Sun is seen as masculine, remember this; without the Sun there would be no Moon phases. The Moon phases are “formed” by the light of the Sun.

What is Moonology then?

In a nutshell, it’s a word I created – or channeled! I remember the very first time I coined it. The friend I was with, an astrologer and one of my first astrology teachers, cocked her head to one side as though listening to some silent guidance and told me: “Ah. Remember that. It’s important.”

It’s taken something like 20 years for me to define Moonology; Moonology is where astrology meets the Moon and conscious creation.

It’s a very feminine process and what is more feminine than the power to create?

What you will find on this site…

On this site you will find…

– Daily Moon Messages. Sometimes these are written specifically for the day and sometimes they are drawn from my best-selling book Moonology, depending on my timetable. If you would like to sign up for a free Daily Moon Message, do it here.

New Moon Info

Full Moon Info

– And more besides. Here we work with Archangels and Goddesses, chanting and meditation. And always, always, the Divine Feminine, personified by the Moon.

So welcome! Working with the Moon can change your life and show you your power to consciously create your life.

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