Did you know this month’s Full Moon is a Supermoon?

There are obviously conclusions to be drawn from the Super Moon’s appearance at just this moment.

I don’t want to get political here but there are any number of themes you might like to contemplate in the wake of the USA presidential election.

How do you see the outcome of the election sitting with the state of the feminine here on planet earth at the tail end of 2016?

For me, the symbology of this extra-large and super-feminine Full Moon happening this week in the feminine sign of Taurus is all about the wake of the election and how we women feel about ourselves. And how men feel about women.

It’s also about the fact that the feminine is rising, ‘in our face’, but it hasn’t quite got there yet.

However you feel about the election, you can use the Full Moon to clear yourself out energetically.

Whether it’s political machinations, friendship or anything else which pushes our buttons, all our emotions come up at the time of the Full Moon. It’s one of the reasons why people are said to go ‘loony’ at Full Moon.

With the Super Moon making the Moon loom larger than ever for us now, it’s the right time to do a Full Moon forgiveness ceremony + gratitude at some point this week. Here are the Full Moon times around the world – do your ceremony either side of the lunation.

Click here for the rest of this post and info about how to use the Full Moon to clear yourself out energetically.

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