Just stumbled upon this lovely blogger’s review of and post about my book Moonology and about working with the Moon … very wise words!

Laura writes on her blog www.heypreston.co.uk: “The moon is an amazing astronomical body that gives us light at night (borrowed from the sun, I know, but you can look at the moon and it is beautiful!)

“The moon goes through phases from New Moon to Full Moon and all that’s in between; and you can utilise the magic of the moon to make wishes.

“Moonology is all about this, how to make the most of the moon’s power throughout the lunar cycles.

Basing your life around the lunar cycles can really bring order and help you to be more organised, as well as appreciate life more.

“Even if you’re not a ‘believer’ of the moon’s powers, then you can still benefit from the mindset and way of visualising your future and imagining you have already hit your goals.

“To feel the way you will feel when your dreams are achieved, will help you to get to them faster; and to actively plan out the small steps that get you to where you want to be, will help to make sure you get there. Even if it does take longer than you would like!”

Thanks Laura! Here is the full post here.

PS Buoyed by this lovely post, I just checked and my book is still number 1 in the astrology best sellers section of amazon UK and number 3 on amazon US – amazon-amazing!

You can click here to buy it from anywhere in the world here


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