Thank you so much for booking my October 7 Moon manifesting workshop!

I can’t wait to meet you so we can talk about working with cosmic forces and the Moon’s frequency.

You will be learning all kinds of amazing things at the workshop, about how to make your dreams come true while letting go of emotional toxicity.

Anyone who signed up for the workshop before the Full Moon became eligible for the following workshop bonuses – here they are – I hope you enjoy them!

Here are your bonuses…

> The Ganesha New Moon chant – you can listen to this anytime you want to start something new but it’s especially useful at the time of the monthly New Moon

> A 12 month New Moon planner which you can use to plan out the coming 12 months plus a list of the New and Full Moons for the rest of this year.

Click here for instructions on how to use the 12 month planner

> A Full Moon chant for you – to help you to feel the forgiveness you need to release upsets and empower your manifesting, I am giving you access to me entire Full Moon forgiveness kit

Can’t wait to meet you on October 7!

Yasmin x

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