My business model is changing. I still love writing books and for newspapers, magazines and sites, but I also want to write for myself.

I hope you will love what’s on offer and going to be on offer. It is all evolving.

What I want my products to do, to help people connect to the Divine, with astrological and moonological (new word alert!) timing. Sort of like a malal. Dare I say a Moon mala?

I also have started to make some eBooks with other people. The first one will  be out soon!

This is partly something I just happen to want to do for myself (and my family), partly something I think has a good karmic, sharing, community feel to it, and partly it’s a Jupiter in Libra thing, because what’s good for you is good for me and vice versa.

Happy affiliates and happy readers fall into Jupiter in Libra because in many ways we do all have a relationship with each other.

Who are you working in tandem with?

As I work out how to do this Jupiter in Libra and selling thing, thank you for bearing with me and giving me a learn as I go.

I also plan to continue to offer some really good freebies. I am compiling a page of them…

Jupiter will be active in the coming months. So a question to ask yourself would be which partnerships (Libra) are good for you (Jupiter) and which do you want freedom (Jupiter) from?

If you want to learn astrology, stay tuned as I will soon properly launch my Astrology online course with a special offer.