So are you ready for the new year? Maybe it’s because I’m an astrologer, but I firmly believe that one of the very best ways to get ready for the year ahead is to think about the main energies coming up over the coming 12 months.

A couple of days ago I gave you the main headlines of 2018 – today I want to drill down on one of those headlines…

What do we need to know about the passage of Saturn through Capricorn?

For one thing, it’s very positive because Saturn is the planet associated with the sign of Capricorn and vice versa. Saturn is the planet of hard work and karma, and can sometimes be a pain in the behind. However at least in the sign of Capricorn, he is at home – in astrology-ese, Capricorn is the “domicile” of Saturn. In other words, Saturn is at home in Capricorn.

Straight off the bat, then, we know that in some ways, this is a good place for Saturn to be. Given that Saturn is such a task master and tests us, the happier Saturn is, the better for us. And Saturn is happy in Capricorn.

This augurs well. However there is more to the picture. As you might know, there is another planet in Capricorn now – the powerful, passionate and paranoid Pluto.

So now we have not one but TWO mega planets in the sign of Capricorn. And what if you’re not Capricorn yourself? Doesn’t matter one jot! We all have Capricorn somewhere in our chart! So we all have all this powerful energy somewhere in our chart.

Here is a quick rundown for all the signs about where all this Saturn/Pluto energy is (read your Rising Sign if you know it.


Aries – your working life
Taurus – your view of the world
Gemini – it’s about sex and money for you
Cancer – it’s affecting your love life
Leo – it’s impacting your daily life
Virgo – it’s about children, romance and creativity
Libra – the action is on your homefront and re family
Scorpio – it’s in your mind/communications zone
Sagittarius – to do with cash, property and possessions
Capricorn – your whole life!
Aquarius – it’s about what you’re scared of
Pisces – it’s affecting your friends/social life

So what does it mean to have these energy in that part of your life? Basically if you work hard on that part of your life now, magic can follow. However if you’re lazy and you don’t care, then there could be explosions and fireworks!

If you want to read a summary of what 2018 holds for you, I’ve written and short and sweet but (I hope!) very much on point FREE¬†mini-guide for all the signs demarcating the promises and the pressures of the year ahead.

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Have a great day!

Love Yasmin x