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Daily Moon in your 8th House

If you were ever to schedule in a time to have sex with your partner, then the day when the Moon is in their 8th House, or yours, is a very good choice. Admittedly, this would mean you only have sex twice a month at most, but if you’re at the stage of scheduling it in, then twice a month is better than nothing, right? The 8th House is a mysterious place and sex sits well here. The Moon through your 7th House hopefully brought you closer together, and now the Moon here allows you to go deeper with each other. Doesn’t sound likely? This part of your chart is also about shared finances. In other words, where your money meets someone else’s – such as in a salary, a loan or a debt. Issues related to these areas can come up now. Top tip: stay calm and deal with it. It’s also a good day to do deep inner work on yourself.

– From my best-selling book Moonology