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Sign up for some of the fantastic freebies we offer - sent to you with love! What do you want? Would you like to create a more awesome life? Do you need to let go of someone or sometihng from your past? Would you just like to know when the New and Full Moons are? There is something for you here. 

Recommended Freebies

The New Moon Wishing Worksheet 

MANIFESTING. A quick and easy guide that will give you the basics of all that you need to know to start making your New Moon wishes and setting your intentions. 

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2017 New and Full Moons PDF list

PREPARE. Get ready for the year ahead with our list of all the New and Full Moons for 2017, with details for Sydney, Australia, London, England and New York, USA

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The Full Moon Forgiveness Kit 

RELEASING. Letting go of upset at the time of the Full Moon is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself and your energies. It will also boost your manifesting.

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Your 12 Month New Moon Lunar Planner 

INVESTIGATING. If you're an astrology student and Moon lover, you will love our free planner. Plot out the New Moons and see which house they trigger.

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The Moonology Lunar Decoder 

LEARN. Our Lunar Decoder shows you how to work with the 8 main phases of the Moon from New to Full and back again. This ancient knowledge can be life-changing! 

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Your free horoscope birth chart

LEARNING. You might know your Sun sign but what about all the other planets in your birthchart? Knowing about them wil give you amazing insights. Find out here for free!  

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