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Daily Moon in your 12th House

If you can, this is the time to retreat and withdraw from the world. The Moon has moved into the deepest and most private part of your chart and chances are you’re going to want some time alone. Do everything you can to get it! You deserve it, you’ve undoubtedly earned it, and you will feel better for having it. Sometimes when the Moon triggers this part of your chart, the intrigue of the day is some kind of secret, or other ‘hidden’ thing. Be aware that what’s hidden now could come to light when the Moon crosses your ascendant (aka your rising sign) in a few days’ time. The Moon in your 12th House is the ideal moment to look back over the past month and consider your actions and unconscious patterns or behaviour. Is there anything you would like to change in the next cycle you’re about to enter?

– From my best-selling book Moonology