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Daily Moon Message

Daily Moon into Capricorn

Daily Moon into Capricorn

Need to get yourself together? Need to get your head in order? Make a plan? Then a Capricorn Moon Day has your back. Capricorn is the most ordered and ambitious of the signs so when the Moon is here, being sensible and strategic is the order of the day. It’s a...

New Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon 2019

Sagittarius Full Moon 2019

This month brings a Full Moon in the sign of Sagittarius. This Full Moon is especially good for Aries, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians and Aquarians, but it’s more challenging for everyone else. The energy is... Fun, and it may prompt many sighs of relief. ◗ Top...


June 2019 Moon Times

June 2019 Moon Times

Moon in Gemini on June 3 New Moon details: London: 3 Jun at 11:01 Sydney: 3 Jun at 20:01 LA: 3 Jun at 3:01 In another location? Please click here for your time zone. The New Moon is the time to set your intentions for the month ahead. By getting clear on what you...

2019 Moonology Diary

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Meet Moonology’s Yasmin Boland

My name is Yasmin Boland and for the past (nearly!) 20 years, I’ve been teaching people to work with the magic of the lunar cycles. If you’ve been working on manifesting and creating your own reality but so far, nothing has worked, working with the Moon really can be the missing link! It will also allow you to connect to the Divine, the God/dess, the angels, your chakras and more. Working with the Moon will unleash the powers you were born with to manifest your life. Try it.