If you want to manifest something big… then you need to start small. That’s just how conscious creation works, as explained by the words #1 Moon manifesting expert Yasmin Boland…

Celebration time…

To celebrate my upcoming New York workshop, I’m giving you daily mini Moon Manifesting tips…

I hope you enjoy them!

Today it’s all about the importance of taking BABY STEPS on your journey to manifesting.Plus I will answer the curly question; is it ok to want to manifest a Mercedes?

Baby steps and manifesting

Today I want to talk about taking baby steps and why they are so crucial.

In my book Moonology, I talk about how if you have no means of transport whatsoever but what you actually want is a new Mercedes fresh from the showroom, then you have to go in baby steps.

So you start with getting yourself a second hand bicycle then you can move up to a new bike, the next step on you manifesting journey would be to aim for an old second hand car.

One step up from that is a mid-range second hand car, then you might aim for a mid-range new car and finally, you get the Mercedes.

Is there anything wrong with wanting to manifest a Mercedes?

Not at all!

We are on earth to experience physicality and you can manifest what ever you want, be it a Mercedes or a cave in which to meditate for five years!

No judgement as long as it harms no one!

I’ll be talking more about subjects like this at my New York workshop – October 7 at the Open Centre – join me!

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Speak soon!


PS The workshop link again is https://www.opencenter.org/moon-manifesting

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