I asked recently if your brain is feeling like scrambled eggs… mine still does.

The thing is, there is currently QUITE the list of major astrological influences in the air, so I thought I would spell them out for anyone who is feeling discombobulated.

1. There is massive CHANGE ENERGY in the air

This is actually a really good thing and also the energy is really positive. It’s coming from the rare and very welcome Jupiter/Pluto alignments which are peaking on Saturday April 14. In fact, these Jupiter/Pluto alignments characterise 2018 in many ways – which is very promising for us all since Jupiter is the planet of positivity and Pluto is the planet of transformation. So put them together and we have chances for very positive changes (you can find out where that is for you here). It’s exciting … but we humans are not always 100% happy with the idea of change, are we? Therefore, even though it’s a wonderful thing, it can be very unsettling. So heap this unsettled Jupiter/Pluto thing onto the pile of why so many of us are feeling a little, shall we say, stretched right now.

What do do…

Ideally, get really clear about the changes you want to make in your life. Be as grateful as you can for the changes which are taking place which suit you, even if going through them feels scary. Focus as much as you can on the positive and on the transformations you want to make in your life! I wrote this free mini-guide to help you – you will see that within it, there is a page where you can make a declaration to the Universe – use it!

2. Mercury is ending its reverse cycle

This is actually more of a big deal that it sounds. Officially, Mercury ends it retrograde cycle on Sunday. And the start and the end of a cycle are always the most manic because it’s when the actual apparent change of direction happens. So here we are, with Mercury about stop moving backwards and start to hover, before moving forwards again, ultimately regaining its regular speed and direction. And for us, it feels like being caught in the middle of a ****storm! Visualise someone caught in the middle of a tornado with lots of important papers which they actually need FILED swirling around them eddy-style and you have the picture. This too shall pass.

What do do…

Breathe. Mercury madness can’t fix itself to anyone who has their sense of humour intact. It’s a weird fact that has something to do with the fact that Mercury is the trickster of the zodiac. If you want to know more about this Mercury retrograde cycle and the next, grab our Mercury Retrograde eBook here – it will go off sale once the cycle ends.

3. The New Moon is coming and it’s a doozy!

Here are the top 3 reasons why the New Moon this month is a doozy. 1. All New Moons are intense. 2. This one takes place next to the planet of madness, electric shocks and radical change and reversals, aka Uranus. 3. It’s the New Moon in Aries so it marks the start of the new lunar cycle, Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, if you didn’t know.We humans are 70% waters, as you probably know, and we RESPOND to the Moon and her energies. So when the Moon is going through something of a mad phase, we also feel a little nutty. Not to mention that at the time of writing, we are actually in the Balsamic Phase of the Moon which although being healing, is also the end of a cycle. Once again, that taps into the fact that we know something new is coming and as exciting as that may be, it’s a little disconcerting for most of us mere mortals, especially when you throw in the proximity of the New Moon in Aries this year to the aforementioned planet of chaos, Uranus.

What do do…

B-r-e-a-t-h-e. The New Moon is on her way and once She gets here, life will start to be a lot easier. It’s like we’re moving through a portal, if you forgive the New Agey analogy. On this side, there is what we know, on the other side is what we don’t know – but once we get to the other side, chances are we will feel renewed and refreshed. Obviously, also tap into the New Moon by preparing to set your intentions at the time of the New Moon. And if you really want to get a handle on it, grab my free mini-guide about this New Moon in Aries which will give you all the info you need for how to work with ALL the New Moons ever. (I wrote it quite spontaneously the other day and it’s free!)

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