This month brings the Full Moon in Gemini – the last Full Moon of the year! 

December 4 brings the Full Moon in Gemini. It will be the last Full Moon of the year and as such, is ideal for starting to release anything and everything from this year which didn’t work out for you as you had hoped.

As humans, one of the most important things we can do is have an energetic clear out on as regular a basis as possible. This is because, we are, sometimes unwittingly, creating our reality 24/7 with our thoughts.

If we are filled up with upsets and trauma, resentment and regrets, then the energies we are putting “out there” into the world are negative. Since like attracts like, this can be a recipe for disaster!

So use the monthly Full Moon in Gemini – the last Full Moon of the year – start to “getting rid of process” which should peak on December 31, when we all need to release the old and welcome in the new.

As well, take a moment to think about the five questions to ask yourself under the Gemini Full Moon.

Here are the Gemini 2017 Full Moon times around the world:

Full Moon at 12 Gemini
SYDNEY: December 4, 2.46am
NEW YORK: December 3, 10.46am
LONDON: December 3, 3.46pm

In another location? Please click here for your time zone.

The Full Moon is the time when your emotions come up to the surface for you to deal with them.

If you work with them, you can clear yourself out energetically. The easiest way to do this is to make peace with the past, once a month at least. For help doing that, click here for my 100% free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit.

This is a Full Moon to get serious about what you want to achieve. It’s taking place in the somewhat flighty sign of Gemini, however there is more to it than this. If you look at the charts for around the time of the Full Moon, you will see that the first planetary aspect taking place after the Full Moon is a meeting between Gemini-esque planet Mercury and the planet of All Things Serious, Saturn.

Given the time of the year, it seems only sensible to use this Full Moon

1. To start to release (or think about releasing) whatever hasn’t worked for you in 2017. Make a list.

2. Think about your plans for the year ahead. Just think about them. This is not the time to put anything into practise, but make a few notes about issues you want to resolve in 2018 and lay down a few ideas for how to do that.

This Full Moon is especially good for Aries, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians and Aquarians, but it’s more challenging for everyone else.

The energy is… Changeable and fickle.

◗ Top 5 questions to ask yourself under the Gemini Full Moon

1. Have I been gossipy, superficial or flighty this month?
2. Have I been glossing over other people’s feelings?
3. Have I been too quick to change my mind, or too restless?
4. Have I been too much of a silver-tongued hustler?
5. Have I done enough reading to keep expanding my mind?

To download these questions as a printable Gemini Moon questionnaire PDF you can fill out, click here

Message of the Full Moon: Slow down and be real with people.

◗ Find a balance between… Wanting to know everything and taking the time to really learn.

◗ Forgive Perform the ‘Full Moon forgiveness ceremony’ on page 143 of Moonology. Write your forgiveness list and then burn it.

◗ Be grateful Perform the ‘Entering a state of gratitude ceremony’ on page 144 of Moonology. Write your gratitude list and then burn it.

Want to work more with the Full Moon? Get our free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit here or buy the New Moon Info Sheets here and find out where in YOUR chart the Full Moon is taking place this month and what that means for you!

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