We are getting closer to the Full Moon now which means we are getting closer to the time of the month when it’s our emotions come to the surface making it them easier to access.

That makes Full Moon THE time to do your at-least-once-a-month forgiveness ceremony. Forgiving doesn’t make what happened ok. It just means you are willing to throw that emotional baggage overboard and move on.

Forgiveness is crucial if you want to be a powerful manifestor. Reason being, if you are stuck in anger you are stuck in the past but it’s very much in the present that we create our future!

But how do you forgive?

I just stumbled upon this article from Deepak Chopra. As you might know, I am a huge fan of his, having interviewed him for an amazing and life-changing 3 hours back in 1999.

Click here for the full post or read on for the summary…

Deepak says:

“Forgiveness is very desirable. For those who receive it, the burden of guilt is lifted. For those who give it, resentment and anger can be released, clearing the slate in a relationship and making room for peace.

Despite this, in everyday life forgiveness is not easy to achieve. Let’s see if there is a way to offer genuine forgiveness, especially to those closest to you, because ironically, they are the ones you should forgive first and yet they are often the hardest to deal with.”

Key Steps to Forgiveness

Here are Deepak’s 7 key steps:

1. Feel your emotions and face them directly.
2. Write down your reasons for not forgiving someone.
3. Ask yourself how motivated you are to offer forgiveness.
4. Let go of as much resentment and anger as you can, here and now.
5. Envision what the future would be like if you do forgive the other person.
6. Reconnect at a sincere positive level.
7. Find the place of forgiveness in your own awareness.

If you’re serious about forgiving someone, go through these 7 steps. I just had a message on Facebook from someone who said she just can’t forgive. In that case, #2 is important. You need to get past #2 to get to #3! And if you can answer #3 with a “VERY!” then #4 will come more easily. It’s a brilliant list.

Click here for the full article which expands on all these points.

This really is the time to let upsets and rancour go, including if you were upset on behalf of someone else. Accept that people do their best with what they have available to them. Accept that sometimes, they have a soul contract with us and they’re helping us to evolve. To forgive someone in the face of their ‘bad’ is big.

Remember years ago when the Catholic Pope of the time, Pope John Paul II, announced that he had forgiven the man that shot at him while he was travelling around in the Popemobile? It made headlines around the world because it was seen as so amazing. Imagine being able to forgive someone who tried to kill you.

I know the Pope will bring up lots of negatives for people. I’m an ex Catholic myself! But you get the idea… and hopefully what you need to forgive someone for is a lot less egregious.

You don’t even have to forgive someone for their sake. You can forgive them for your own sake!

Forgiving breaks the karma. It allows you to heal. It brings you into the present where you can manifest your future.

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