NEW MOON IN ARIES: So here we are at the start of a new lunar cycle. The April New Moon takes place in the sign of Aries. If you want to know what that means for your personal chart (and personal life) then please check out our new-look, refreshed and even more informative New Moon Info Sheets here

Overall, regardless of your Star sign or Rising sign, this is the chance for you to start all over again.

Here are the New Moon times:

New Moon at 19 degrees in Aries
SYDNEY: April 7, 9.23pm
LONDON: April 7, 12.23pm
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: April 7, 7.23am
AUCKLAND: April 7, 11.23pm
PARIS: April 7, 1.23pm

Here is a quick guide –

If you’re Aries or Aries Rising – it’s all about you. Consider yourself reborn! More.

If your Taurus or Taurus Rising – you are about to have a restart spiritually More.

If your Gemini or Gemini Rising – expect to make a new friend in the coming weeks – maybe online… More.

If your Cancerian or Cancerian Rising – your professional life is getting a bit boost, especially if you work digitally. More.

If you’re Leo or Leo Rising – your travel and study plans are getting a rocket under them – what are you going to do with it? More.

If you’re Virgo or Virgo Rising – sexually and when it comes to any joint venture, it’s all starting all over again for you now! More.

If you’re Libra or Libra Rising – your love life is getting a fantastic reboot! More.

If you’re Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – your daily routines can be tweaked more to your liking now. More.

If you’re Sagittarius or Sadge Rising – things are new and fresh when it comes to a child, a romance or a creative project. More.

If you’re Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – there is something new developing for you re family or your home life/your actual home. Stay tuned! More.

If you’re Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – the way you express yourself can change now, and PS
change your thoughts and change your life! More.

If you’re Pisces or Pisces Rising – when it comes to your self-worth, your values and cash, property and possessions, change is now highly possible! More.

This New Moon is especially exciting and potent because it’s taking place near the planet of change and technology Uranus.

If you have deleted a toxic Facebook friendship, or extricated yourself from an unhealthy relationship, or otherwise disengaged with anyone or anything you know was on the toxic side, you are already making the most of this New Moon. Click here to check out our hopefully-you-agree-they-are-fab new New Moon Info Sheets

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