We are now in the waning cycle of the Moon. The Full Moon has been and gone for the month so we’re in the part of the lunar month where we just need to breathe out and let go. Do you feel it?

One of the most important things to do at this time, if you want to honour the planet’s rhythms and cycles, is to use this time, from Full Moon to New Moon, as an ‘unwind’ time. What can you allow to fall away?

It’s not just about letting go of any upsets from the past month (though that is also highly recommended!) It’s about giving yourself some time out, to nurture and pamper yourself and to reflect on what is (as opposed to what has been).

This is also very much a time to share your wisdom and to forgive anyone who has hurt you.

If you do this energetic releasing once a month, your life is going to get better. It’s as simple as that.

More and more people (and women in particular) are connecting with the Moon. It’s no longer purely the domain of so-called “hippies”. A recent report in London’s stylist.co.uk noted that it’s also “professional women taking an interest in moon rituals, crystal-healing and tarot reading.”

This is because we’re in the time of the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine. In other words, women are rising. You’ve seen it on the streets with the women’s marches around the world. It’s about women remembering our powers.

Connecting with the Moon has always been one of the ways we do this. If you’re a male who wants to work with these energies, connect with your gentler side and honour women in your life.

To get in tune with the Moon now, send love to anyone who has upset you. Even if you don’t forget, forgive and move on. It’ll work wonders.