Every week I am blessed to receive lots of lovely emails from people who read this page. Because of these emails, I know many of you make a pause to read this column carefully, all the better to tune into the skies and get a sense of what’s coming up.

So here is fair warning; this week could be a doozy!

There is a Full Moon and on top of that, there are some major planetary clashes including between the Sun (our egos) and Pluto (the planet that likes to blast things into smithereens).

Plus Mercury ends its latest reverse cycle, which sounds like a good thing however the start and the end of Mercury retrograde are often when we feel the madness the most.

Add to all that a meeting between the Sun and electric, insane Uranus and the stage is set for some fireworks.

However before you assume it’s over all negative, please think again.

In fact, it’s massively energetic weeks like that that give us a kick up the patootie to remind us to live consciously and love our lives. And if we don’t love our lives, we should either try harder to find someone or something to be grateful for, or make a stand for change.

What do you want and how hard are you willing for it to happen? If you are lucky enough to have small enough troubles, hopefully you can see truth in the idea that every piece of adversity brings with it an opportunity.

Plus, being the Full Moon week, it’s time to do your Full Moon forgiveness + gratitude ceremony. Write down (as much as you like) about who and what you’re forgiving, then burn the list.

The Full Moon takes place in Libra on Tuesday at 4.08pm. The Moon will be fullest the night before, of course. So do your forgiving on Monday night!