Astrology works on the theory that we have cracked some kind of cosmic code and that we are connected to all life everywhere.
For thousands of years, astrologers have scoured the skies and noted what transpires down here on earth, in correlation with what is happening in the skies.
It’s fair to say that if astrology didn’t work, it wouldn’t have survived 2000 or so years of rigorous testing by people like me (and far more academic types too).
It’s a good time to mention this because this week brings the Full Moon, something many non-astrologers do recognise as a time when we are affected by the planets.
This week the Full Moon takes place in the sign of Sagittarius, near the planet associated with tough times and harsh realities, aka Saturn.
Sagittarius is generally the most cheerful sign but having had Saturn in Sadge for the past two years has lessened a bit of the world’s joie de vivre (have you noticed?)
This week’s Full Moon will work on two levels – how it affects you depends a lot on where you are in your life. If you’ve had your head in the sand ignoring the truth you didn’t want to face, if you’re filled with fear or you don’t want to do your bit, this Full Moon could see you having to do that thing you didn’t want to do or think about or face.
However if you have worked hard, been realistic about life and you’ve been responsaible, this week could see you turning the corner on this time of relative hardships that so many have been through.
While your weekly stars are forecasts for your sign, this week’s Full Moon really does have this overall message for everyone.
The best way to use it is to forgive anyone you feel has wronged you. Ever. Release the emotional baggage and move on. Free help here