If you have been though the mill about love or money this year, try to be strong and believe that the Universe is on your side. We have had the rare and dubious honour of a Venus retrograde, which took place between March 4 and May 8 (counting the shadow period).

If your love life or your finances have been upside down during this time, this is why. However try to believe that this cycle was all about you working out what you really value, what really matters to you and thus how to proceed from here.

Just say, for example, you split up with someone or you missed out on house you wanted to buy or you didn’t get quite the raise you wanted at work. Can you possibly believe that perhaps it’s for the best and that you are slowly but surely being shunted towards where you are meant to be? It’s not always easy, but try.

For example, perhaps there is a happier relationship out there for you, a better home or even a better job.

This week, as romance and riches planet Venus connects harmoniously first steady Saturn and then with exciting Uranus and Saturn, love and money issues could turn out for the best. The trick, as ever, is to expect the best!

Yes there are some people who think it’s dangerous to expect the best because then you can be disappointed. But if you expect the worst, you’re negatively activating the law of attraction.

Remember too that we are in the golden period of the waxing Moon. This is the time to believe it and achieve it. Rather than waiting for things to come to you, go out and get them!

As well, if you made a list of New Moon wishes or intentions last week, check that list again. What action can you take to boost your chances of manifesting your dreams?