We are quite a different cycle this week. We have the Full Moon and Mercury and Venus retrograde are both over. It’s definitely time to clear up any mess from the past few weeks (and beyond) and start to move forwards again.

If the past few weeks have seen you looking backwards and wondering if you went wrong somehow or how you got to where you are now, that’s exactly as it’s meant to be. The past few weeks have been all about looking back to see how far you’ve come and also to see if you’re happy about where you have ended up.

There may have been some nostalgia, and that’s fine too!

However now it’s well and truly time to weigh up what you have felt and what you know now and to start to turn the corner. If you left the past behind already, chances are there was a good reason why you did that. If you know you actually need to go back into the past to correct something, it’s starting to be the time to do that too.

Use the Full Moon energies to release and let go of what is no longer right for you. If you need to forgive yourself, or someone else, do it as the Moon grows full. As you may know, in astrology, the Moon is the Queen of Emotions. As she swells to fullness, so our emotions swell. As long as they are ‘up’ and easier to access, we might as well use them, right?

So consciously forgive, even if you choose not to forget. Forgiving doesn’t mean what happens was ok, it means you’re moving on.

Writing down what you’re releasing and who you’re forgiving and burning the paper will be especially powerful on Wednesday night.

The Full Moon takes place on Thursday at 7.42am. You can access my Full Moon forgiveness kit for free at www.moonmessages.com/forgiveness