It’s a potentially very good week for love and abundance, as romance and riches planet Venus connects harmoniously with Saturn then Jupiter.

If, like me, you like to use the planets to manifest your dream life as much as you can, then this is a week to very much live intentionally!

The positive Venus vibes will create ideal conditions for whatever it is you want to create for yourself when it comes to relationships and assets.
Wednesday morning will be particularly good for romantic or business meetings thanks to a connection between Venus and Saturn. Saturn has a bad rep, however he is the master of manifestation, the Lord of making things real (for better or worse) and the planet that’s always involved when an important accord or contract is agreed upon.

So use Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in particular to think about what you want re love or money and – as importantly – what you’re willing to do to make that happen. Saturn is also very much the planet that reminds us that “what we reap is what we sow”. If we want something, Saturn reminds us to set our intentions then make an effort!

Then in the wee small hours of Saturday morning (AEST) we have a bumper Venus link to the lucky planet Saturn.

Seeing this coupled with the afore-mentioned, hard-work Saturn link, the words of Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s dad about his successful son spring to my mind. When told how “lucky” his son was by a stranger he’d met in the street, Lloyd-Webber Senior reportedly replied “Yes, and the hard he works, the luckier he gets!”

We are also in the waning cycle of the Moon right now, headed for next week’s New Moon. This is then very much the time to be doing work on yourself, and especially forgiving yourself for anything you have done which you feel you shouldn’t have, or indeed anything you didn’t do which you feel you should have.

Clear your energy out with self-forgiveness!