If your love life is in a mess, you’re single and you can’t get over the past, or you and your partner are moving further and further away from each other, then working with Venus retrograde could be just want you need.

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to create a Venus retrograde online course. At the time I announced it in my newsletter, I promised a free component and this is it:

A free 3-part video series about Venus retrograde from me to you:

You’ll Learn:

> Why Venus retrograde is excellent for making up with an old friend or an old lover

> Why Venus retrograde is such an emotional time and how to work with it!

> You will hear a story about what happened to me while I was recording the Venus retrograde course which will how you how it all works

> You’ll also get a chance to purchase my full 20-part 2017 Venus retrograde online course with Udemy at 25% discount!

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