Do you need to move on?

Truly, Full Moon work is magic.

Working with the Full Moon will allow you to release karma and move on…

You can let go and move on from anyone or anything, especially easily at Full Moon.

How does it work?

Once a month, the Moon moves to fullness in our skies.

The Moon is the so-called “Queen of Emotions” and as she swells to fullness each month, our feelings come up to the surface to be dealt with.

That’s why people are said to go “loony” at the time of the Full Moon. Get it? So many emotions and so few tools to deal with them! 

I talk about this alot. How to RELEASE at the Full Moon. But practically, what are you meant to do?

  • Meditate
  • Chant
  • Contemplate

If only there were some kind of formula to help us to let go, right? Good news; there is! And it’s FREE!

The Full Moon Forgiveness Formula is the help anyone needs to start the forgiveness process. I will send this to you, as a part of your free Full Moon Forgiveness + Gratitiude Kit.

It was inspired by the work and was published in my book Moonology with the kind permission of Catherine Ponder. I truly find it life-changing, when I work with it.

Remember forgiving someone doesn’t mean what they did was ok, it just means you’re choosing to MOVE ON!

Also in the kit, you will receive access to the free Full Moon Meditation recording.

This was designed to be listened to as you fall asleep; ear buds in, breathing gently, in the nights leading up to the Full Moon (though lots of people report that they listen to it all month as it helps them sleep!)

Hoping you love it… Click here to access your free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit (while it’s still free which might be only for this month…)