For those who like to work with angels, Goddesses and the Moon, the New Moon brings a wonderful chance to connect with the energies.
For me, angels are becoming more and more real. They used to feel like lovely ‘ideas’ or ‘thought forms’ (which is what some people thing they are).
Lately though I have started to be able to sense and even see them in large gatherings of people who are on the spiritual path.
It’s hard to explain but I can also feel them in photos such as the one at the top of this page, (which was of Gabby Bernstein speaking at an Alternatives event in London). See if you can tune into them too.
If you like to connect with the angels and Goddesses, here is some info about how to do that at the time of this month’s Virgo New Moon.
FYI here are the New Moon times around the world:

New Moon at 28 Virgo
SYDNEY: September 20, 3.29pm
NEW YORK: September 20, 1.29am
LONDON: September 20, 6.29am

In another location? Click here for your time zone.

If you connect this every month, over the course of a year, you will connect with all 12 of the main Archangels.

The Archangel of the Virgo New Moon (taking place this month on September 20) is Metatron.
One of his special talents is the ability to clear away negative energy so if you’re feeling at all energetically in need of a good clean, the Virgo New Moon is the ideal time to a clear out of any bad vibes you have picked up in your personal or professional life. Just light a candle and ask Metatron to help you. He lives to serve!
The Goddess of the Virgo New Moon is Ceres, the Goddess associated with the harvest, agriculture and motherhood.
In the feminist version of ‘her-story’ rather than his-story, Ceres is seen as the mother who allowed her brave daughter to do her soul work, which involved helping lost souls cross over to the other side. If you are raising a daughter or you’re a daughter yourself, ask Ceres to show you the way to live out your live purpose.
The affirmation for the New Moon in September … my life is healthy!
The Virgo New Moon energy is also all about getting healthy and living a clean and wholesome life. Give yourself a challenge to eat ‘clean’ (whatever that means for you) for the month of September.
>>> Need help with making your New Moon wishes in time for the New Moon in Virgo coming on September 20? I would like to offer you a free New Moon wishing guide here