[FULL DAY WORKSHOP IN LONDON] If you’re in London and you would like to know more about how to work with the New and Full Moon, please join me at my first full day workshop with the legendary Alternatives team!

On the day before Full Moon, I will be explaining why we all go a little “loony” at Full Moon time and how those feelings which come up can be used as a springboard for energetic clearing.

I will also guide you in how to use the Full Moon to predict your month ahead. Plus you will discover how the Full Moon affects you personally, based on your time, date and place of birth.

Plus we will take a good look at manifesting with the New Moon.

Manifesting with the Moon’s cycles as a cosmic timer dramatically boosts our chances of becoming accomplished conscious creators and deliberate manifestors.

You will learn how New and Full Moon work goes hand in hand when it comes to clearing yourself our energetically in order to make yourself a clear ringing bell of desire that the Universe can clearly hear.

Venue and ticket details for this fun and interactive 10am – 5pm workshop are here

If you’re keen to change your life in some way or you simply know you have a lot of emotional baggage you  need to released, come along.

On the day we will:

  • Release old emotions via the Full Moon
  • Cut the cords with the past
  • Develop a regular Full Moon practise
  • Learn why this is so important
  • Learn which chakras to work on at which Full Moon
  • Learn which angels and Goddess guide each Full Moon
  • Learn how to dovetail your Full Moon practice with your New Moon manifesting
  • and more

>>> Please click here to buy your ticket

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