Two days to the Full Moon, so here’s an easy exercise to break with the past

Full Moon at 22 Libra
SYDNEY: April 11, 4.08pm
NEW YORK: April 11, 2.08am
LONDON: April 11, 7.08am

From my book Cosmic Love – please note it’s written as if addressing a heterosexual woman but it will work whatever you gender or sexuality.

1. Close your eyes and imagine your ex (or the guy you’ve been lusting after for too long) standing opposite you. Perhaps he’s wearing the clothes you adore him in most. He almost certainly looks as cute as he ever did when you were together.

2. Imagine him beaming at you with a great big smile on his face.

3. Smile right back at him, no matter how much pain or hurt there’s been. You’re not here to fight with his image but to make your peace.

4. Now try to visualise a number of cords running between the two of you, keeping you tied to one another. These are known as etheric cords and are built up through days and weeks and months or even years of interaction with each other, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. We have them with everyone we have a relationship with, but if you’ve given him more thought than is strictly healthy, you’ll have a tangle of them. Every time you think about him now- or vice versa – you run another cord to each other. So. You know the old saying ‘If you love someone, set them free’? This applies here and now. You are about to cut those cords. If he’s meant to be yours, he’ll come back to you, sure as you’re reading this right now.

5. Smile at him again, see him smile back, and now start to cut the cords.

6. You can visualise using a pair of golden scissors to do this. You can use an imaginary laser beam. Use a chainsaw if you need to.

7. Notice how easy or difficult it is to do this.

8. Notice how much you both know it needs to be done.

9. When you’ve cut the cords, smile one last time at your friend and allow him to float away from you, on to the next stage of his life, just as you’ll now be embarking on yours.

10. Smile and quietly wish him well as you wave him off.

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