There’s a New Moon in Gemini coming this week so it’s the time to think about how well you’re communicating.

In fact, each New Moon brings in different energies. If you work consciously with all 12-13 New Moons over the course of a year, you will have worked on pretty much every part of your life.

Here are the top 5 recommendations for working with the New Moon this week. These are all ‘Gemini-esque’ things to do.

1. Communicate
Gemini is all about communications, and guess what? Life is also pretty much all about communications! Under this New Moon this week, take a look at how well you are or aren’t communicating. If you don’t get your message across well, it’s hard for others to understand you and to help you.

2. Meditate
Gemini is a super agile sign strongly connected to the mind. With the energies high in Gemini this week, thanks to the New Moon, there’s a good chance some of us will be feeling quite scattered. There is no better remedy for a scattered mind – in my humble opinion – than meditation. Google it if you don’t know how!

3. Socialize
Gemini is a super social sign so this is a good time to get out and see people. Also to save future dates for doing things with people you really want to spend more time with. Also for getting in touch with people via phone, email, messaging etc.

4. See your siblings
Especially if it’s been too long! It’s also a good time to see your neighbours. Strange but true!

5. Read more
Gemini is the sign of thinking, reading, writing, talking and so on, associated with communications planet Mercury. The smartest people read. Join me in deciding to allocate a certain amount of time every month to reading!

Are you in or near Sydney? Next Saturday, I’ll be running a New Moon workshop. I would love to see you there! Tickets and details here.