I hope this helps… I do realise it’s a bit odd but I am following my (slightly embarrassing) urge/cosmic guidance to write it…

I am not sure how relevant it is, but just fyi, I first met and interviewed Kylie Minogue back in my days as a journalist, around the time that she released Locomotion. I was working at New Idea in Melbourne and Kylie was taking her first few steps up the lofty ladder of success. I interviewed Kylie one-on-one several times after that, mainly in London, and found her guarded (surprise!) but always lovely. I have never done an open letter to a celeb before but I keep reading about her sad split and thought I would write this…

So, dear Kylie and all other Geminis and Sadges who are suffering romantically,

I know that what you are going through must feel like being hit by a ton of bricks, or a train, or some other large object. That’s Saturn. You have my full compassion. We all get to experience Saturn and it can be tough. But you are nearly at the end of the cycle.

Saturn is in Sagittarius. For Geminis, that’s your Love Zone. For Sadges, it’s your Whole Life Zone.


Saturn has two sides.

On the one hand, if you’re trying to shirk responsibilities or you’re putting your head in the sand about something, Saturn will likely come along and teach you some lessons.

Karmic Saturn can be a very difficult planet to deal with. Saturn is all about “what you reap is what you sow…”

To get in Saturn’s good books (and thus avoid his wrath) he urges us to plan long term and more than anything else, to grow up and be smart about life. Saturn is the “make your bed and lie in it” planet.

Saturn has a positive side, though, too. Saturn is the materialiser and the constructor. Saturn helps us to make our dreams real but to do that, we first have to do the Saturn thing and face facts.

For example, if you want to settle down and get married then you need to be really honest (Saturn) with yourself about the kind of man who wants to do that.

Saturn can be a real steam roller. And in your case, oh beautiful Kylie, you have FIVE planets in Gemini, so he has been activating your planets for a couple of years now. Most of the time you were with JS, actually.


In fact, when Saturn goes over or opposes your Venus, as Saturn did at the end of 2014/start of 2015, it can be a time when we hook up with someone much older or younger. It can be a time when we commit. Saturn is all about commitment and the long haul in a rather unromantic way. Saturn can be about marriage but in the sense that it’s about the contract and even a bit about the ball and chain. Saturn can be a drag.

When Saturn is triggering you, it can be a time of hard truths and life lessons. It can be a time of having our face rubbed in reality. And therein, so it seems, lies Mr Sasse.

In your case, Kylie, and I do feel a bit weird writing this like this, but I hope it helps if you read it… Saturn has opposed your Venus (romance and riches planet), your Sun (the essential you), your Mars (sex and drive), your Moon (home and family) and is now headed for you Mercury (your mind).

Your life has been one Saturn trip since late 2014/early 2015.

Hopefully this has been in some ways a constructive and educational time. And the good news is that this whole Saturn cycle will be over by the end of the year. But it’s not something to wish away, but rather to work with.

You might feel older but you will definitely be wiser, once Saturn changes signs at the end of the year!

The less good news is that with your mind planet Mercury at the end of Gemini, you do have to deal with Saturn now, before he moves out of your orbit.


During this time, it’s OH so important to keep an eye on your mood.

For you in particular Kylie, because of your Mercury placement, it’s important to be really disciplined about staying mentally positive. Not gonna sugar coat it – this can be a time when you find it hard to be optimistic.

If you do start to feel really down, talk to friends, talk to people you consider older and wiser than you and even consider talking to a professional. Saturn is all about the trained wise counsellor.

I’d also be doing something like mindfulness (Mercury) training (Saturn) at this time, to work out the energies. It’s so important that you train your brain now.

Also note that the February eclipse is in your 1st house. This is actually really good news for you. It’s a Full Moon eclipse and it will allow you to turn the corner. I would even say perhaps give yourself between now and the time of the eclipse on February 11 to lie in a heap, if you feel the need, and after that, draw the proverbial line in the sand.

The thing with Saturn is that it’s always old news. Whatever has happened, you probably suspected it for some time and it’s not all that surprising. It’s just the stench of reality up your nose…

20/20 VISION IN 2020?

The New Moon eclipse in late February could bring someone new into your life but if you want to know when I think you will get married, I am looking at 2020 which sounds like eons away from now but is actually only three years away.

For you any other Geminis or Sadges going through tough times, remember this;
Saturn is the great teacher of the zodiac and right now, as he trolls his way around your chart, you are basically in his classroom. What have you learned and what are you still learning? These are some of the most important lessons you will ever learn, so pay attention.

The Archangel to work with at this time of grief and loss is Azrael. Azrael is the Capricorn/Saturn angel. Just light a candle and ask this very sweet angel to help you.

The chakra to work on is the solar plexus chakra, aka Manipura. This is your power centre, and it’s also the chakra associated with Capricorn/Saturn. To do this, you need to envisage your solar plexus chakra spinning very bright yellow, above your belly button but below your chest.

The chant is “RAM!” but say it with a slight accent so it sounds more like ‘rum’. Get it? This will boost your solar plexus chakra as you heal. Healing this chakra will help you to remember WHO YOU REALLY ARE!

If you like to work with essential oils in your bath or a burner, to use Laurel. Being a Goddess yourself, you might like to work with Goddess energy. In the case of Capricorn/Saturn, the Goddess is Juno, aka Goddess of commitment who also knew a thing or two about cheaters.


Obviously if you have been cheated on. you need to think long and hard before reconciling. However if that were to happen, the upcoming relatively rare Venus retrograde in March and April is a time when lovers do sometimes reunite. However it can also be a time when you start to re-evaluate what is really important to you, in love and in life.

I hope this helps… I feel decidedly odd posting it but I am following a strong urge I have to write it.