I thought it might be the right moment to ask you, how are you doing?


The New Moon in Libra, which just took place and which we are still feeling, brings our annual chance to start all over again with any important relationship.

Relationships are everything, really, right?

Whether it’s with a friend or an ex or a parent or a child or anyone else, they are what life is about.

That makes this time of the year – when the relationship-loving Libra Moon takes place – so important for working on yourself and your relationship patterns and issues.

Conflict is, of course, the hardest thing to deal with in any relationship. So take a moment now to think about any patterns you have in your life for dealing with upsets with the people who matter most to you.

If you have had some conflict and you’re feeling sad, this is the time to really work on yourself and your methods of dealing with other people. Libra is all about how we relate to others.

I’ll go first.

I think my way of handling things when I get really upset with someone tends to be:


1. Get mad
2. Say sorry for getting mad

Even in the upset, I often know that I am going too far.

Thankfully most people are forgiving and I really don’t lose my cool all that often, but this pattern can also be destructive; some people never forgive.

I have one Scorpio pal who refuses to forgive me for losing my temper with her (over a work matter, no less!) something like 20 years ago, though we’d been very close previously, and I even introduced her to her husband.

I still dream about her from time to time. I dream we are friends again, hanging out together, and it’s lovely!

Thoughts like this will come up at the time of the Libra Moon which is all about relationships.

Use this Libra New Moon to recognise of your relationship patterns and see what needs changing, if anything.

And just a little tip from my dear Grandma Helen who told me “when you’re in the middle of an argument with someone you love, try introducing some humour to diffuse the atmosphere…”

After all, we are all just egos doing battle when we argue, right?

Hope you are doing well.


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