The New Moon in Libra 2021 will take place at:

London: 6 October, 12:05pm, 13:24 Libra
Sydney: 6 October, 10:05pm, 13:24 Libra
LA: 6 October, 4:05am, 13:24 Libra
NYC: 6 October, 7:05am, 13:24 Libra

Somewhere else? Click here for times around the world.

Please note this information comes from my best-selling book Moonology

1. Really relate

How well do you relate to others? Libra is the sign of partnership so use this month to ask yourself how well you’re getting on with the important people in your life, and whether a little harmonization and negotiation would serve you better. Libra is all about harmony and cooperation, so bring these back into your life if they have been missing. The energy of Libra is about give and take, but more about give. It’s you rather than me. How are you doing when it comes to being a friend, a lover, a partner, a co-worker or even an ex?

2. Partner up

Partnerships in particular get special attention at this New Moon. If your marriage or your business partnership need work, issues may well arise now – all the better for you to sort them out. Libra is very social and diplomatic, so bring those qualities to the fore now as the New Moon is in this lovely and charming sign.

3. Negotiate

The New Moon in Libra is a wonderful time to negotiate or renegotiate anything you’re not too happy with. Libra lives to bring things into balance. Find points of accord. Make ‘I agree’ your motto for a day and see what happens.

4. Look gorgeous

Libra is also refined and beautiful. So if you need to balance things out in order to live a more beautiful and refined life, take action this month while you have the Libra New Moon energy backing you up. I don’t mean to sound superficial, but the image we present to the world says a lot about us. Libra is about beauty – are you feeling as good as you can about yourself? How about art – do you have some of that in your life to make it prettier? If not, get some!

5. Regain your identity

Consider whether you’re exhibiting co-dependency, i.e. relying too much on someone else for your sense of wellbeing. Libra is all about partnerships but sometimes the ‘togetherness’ thing can go too far. Have you lost your sense of identity in someone else? If so, this is the ideal time to do something about it.

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