1. Family time

Check in with your mum and dad. The Cancerian energy is all about home and family, and nothing matters more to Cancerians. If you haven’t spent enough time with your nearest and dearest lately, get in touch with them (if you don’t have family nearby, or at all, people who feel like family also count). In particular, if there’s tension between you and your family, use this New Moon to resolve to sort that out. Life is too short!

2. Banish insecurity

Be honest with yourself about whether you’re coming from a place of insecurity, fear or possessiveness – anywhere (or everywhere) in your life. Consider the symbol of the sign of Cancer – the crab. It’s a little creature with a very hard shell that protects a soft and vulnerable inside. That’s the Cancerian vibe, and we all have it – we’re all self-protective. This month, ask yourself if you’re being too hard because you’re worried. Identify and drop a few barriers. You will feel better for it. Also, check that you’re not being too moody. Meditation will help with this.

3. Nurture

Get in touch with your caring and nurturing side. Cancerian energy is very warm and cosy: think of a lovely white-haired grandma with big boobs who holds you close when you’re upset, and whose cups of tea or hot chocolate make you feel so much better. There’s more to the Cancerian energy than that, but it’s a big part of it. Make a promise to look after yourself this month. And look after others too, especially kids.

4. Review your goals

Cancer is also one of the most dynamic and tenacious signs. Perhaps all that caring and nurturing leaves people more able to go out into the world and achieve. So this month, go back to your goals for the year. The Cancer New Moon happens about midway through the year, so think about where you are with what you were aiming for at the start of the year, and think about what needs tweaking now, to stay on course (or to get back on course).

5. Bathe

One of the best things to do on a Cancerian New Moon is to have a lovely warm or hot bath, preferably by non-toxic candlelight. (If you don’t yet know about the health risks posed by many indoor candles, Google it!) It’s said that being in a warm bath recreates the conditions in the womb – no wonder it’s so appealing to so many. Personally, I have some of my best ideas in the bath. Cancer is a Water sign, so doing anything connected with water now is good. If you’re lucky enough to live near a pool, river, creek, ocean or sea, jump on in. Unwind with a watery theme. Brilliance often follows unwinding.

6. Work with the New Moon through intention-setting and our free worksheet

Every month, the New Moon is THE time to set your intentions and make your wishes. The New Moon heralds the start of the Waxing Cycle of the Moon which is all about letting the Universe know what you want. Just getting clarity on this is a miracle-maker. You can find out how to do all his AND work with the particular energies of this New Moon when you join the (free) Moon Lite Club here

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