APRIL 20: The planet of love Venus is moving forwards again and is about to clash AGAIN with the planet of hard lessons and nasty facts, aka Saturn.

So if you’re feeling a bit left out in the cold when it comes to an important friendship or relationship, that could be why.

The best way to work with Venus square Saturn is to LOOK FOR THE LESSONS.

What is life teaching you? Whenever a planet clashes with Saturn, it’s usually OLD NEWS which comes up. Stuff we knew about but didn’t want to think about!

So what do you need to wise up to and face, as Venus and Saturn clash AGAIN?

Work with these energies in a mature and realistic fashion and you will get the best out of them!

Why now is the time to do this Venus work…

Venus, the planet of love and abundance, has finished her rare reverse cycle but until May 8, she is recovering the ground she lost when she was retrograde.

Venus is the planet of love and abundance, so when ‘she’ reverses, we all get some second chances related to riches and romance. However it’s not always beer and skittles so to speak – there can be some challenges to negotiate under this cycle.

Now as she moves forwards again, we get the results of this ‘push comes to shove’ cycle.

VENUS RETROGRADE 2017 ran from MARCH 3 TO APRIL 3 2017, moving from Aries and back into Pisces. However we are not fully out of the cycle until May 8 because Venus has to recover the ground she lost…

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