Gibbous Moon into Cancer: The New Year starts off by thrusting us swiftly and surely into … an eclipse season!

Find out about that and what it means to YOUR sign here.

That means all bets are off as the year begins. Remember, eclipses are when the Universe changes gear – when something like “cosmic portals” open up which we can walk through to a new way of life.

That might sound a bit far-fetched to some people but I know for sure, from years of experience, personal and working with others, that if an eclipse hits you hard, it really can change your life!

In fact, depending on where you are in Australia or the world, this eclipse will take place either on January 31 (International and West Australian time) or just after midnight on February 1 (AEST)!

However in order to give you the info about it, it definitely needs to be written about now!

The main thing is that on January 31, it’s the time to tap into it, no matter where you are the in the world.


Full Moon eclipses can be challenging because they ask us to release the past – not something that most of us like to do too often if we can possible help it.

Since this is taking place at the start of the year, it actually offers a sort of “second chance” to put to rest anything which upset you in 2017. Some things are easy to shrug off and leave behind and other issues take more work.

So take a moment now to think about someone or something which went awry in 2018. Is there someone you can forgive? Yourself, perhaps?Or someone else? You can click here to download my free Full Moon forgiveness kit – I am 99% sure it’s the last time it will be available for free so grab it while you can!

The thing to understand is that in order to create the life you want, you need to be energetically CLEAR and there is nothing that clears you out of any negativity like FORGIVENESS. So make sure you use this forthcoming eclipse to do that!

As well, of course, where the Full Moon eclipse takes place in your chart gives you an idea of how the energies are likely to play out in your chart.

Each Full Moon triggers one part of your chart or another – your Love Zone or your Career Zone, for example, and tends to bring matters to a head. Full Moon eclipses do that plus plus.

Click here for the info for you about where the first Full Moon eclipse of 2018 is triggering your chart.

So what else is happening in January 2018?

Here are the other headlines:

1. Venus is in very good shape

2. There is the first big chance for change (Jupiter/Pluto) – click here for info about that

3. Mars is back in Sadge for the first time in two years – what that means for you is here in your full Monthly Stars

Now let’s get into the details!


Venus is the planet of romance and riches, and based on the “as above, so below” theory at the foundation of astrology, when Venus is happier, we humans should be happier too.

Venus changes signs at least once a month. This month she starts off in the sign of Capricorn (especially good for Capricorns and Cancerians) and stays there for the first 18 days of the year. Here are the alignments Venus will be making:

1. January 3 – meet someone special at New Year? Just want to romance your partner? Tonight is perfect for the first date of the year as Venus cosies up to the planet of soulmates and dreams aka Neptune.

2. January 8 – another great day for love and romance, as well as for money and abundance, as Venus aligns harmoniously with Jupiter, the planet of plenty. Luck is in the air, too. Great big declarations of love are possible!

3. January 9 – and then today? It’s plain sexy with feelings that run deep. Also a good day to make a life-changing financial agreement.

4. January 13 – a slightly less hearts and flower days – some weird moments to do with love or money forecast.

5. January 18 – Venus moves into Aquarius and makes no further alignments until next month…

So what does Venus in Capricorn mean for you? That’s the big question! Click here for your full January 2018 Stars.

Curious about 2018 overall?Get ahead of the New Year curve with our free mini-guide “The Promises and the Pressures in 2018”