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    This could be a wonderful New Moon, not least because as it takes place just before a super auspicious Venus/Pluto connection. This augurs well for love and money.
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  • JUNE 2017 SOLSTICE – What it all means!
    Many astrologers will use the solstice to cast a chart to make predictions about how the energies are likely to play out for you in the coming 3 months. Here...
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  • Cosmic Girl – June 19 2017
    Last month I was lucky enough to spend some time at an ashram in rural India (the Sri Narayani Peedam). It was something like my 10th visit there – and...
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  • Cosmic Girl – June 12 2017
    We are in the waning cycle of the Moon so it’s time to go a bit easier on yourself. Does that mean you should just give up? Not at all!...
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  • Cosmic Girl – June 5 2017
    Astrology works on the theory that we have cracked some kind of cosmic code and that we are connected to all life everywhere. For thousands of years, astrologers have scoured...
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  • June 2017 Moon Times
    Full Moon on June 9 (Sydney) at 19 Sagittarius Full Moon details: SYDNEY: June 9, 11.09pm NEW YORK: June 9, 9.09am LONDON: June 9, 2.09pm In another location? Please click...
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  • Your June 2017 Stars
    A BIT OF IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL THE SIGNS >>> Click here to go straight to your full Monthly June Forecast Some months are very dramatic, and some are smooth sailing....
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  • Cosmic Girl – May 29 2017
    If you have been though the mill about love or money this year, try to be strong and believe that the Universe is on your side. We have had the...
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    NEW MOON IN GEMINI: May brings the New Moon in Gemini. It’s nearly upon us! Here are the exact Moon times from around the world: New Moon at 5 Gemini SYDNEY: May...
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  • Do you want to learn astrology?
    I learned astrology because I wanted to be able to predict my own future. But there’s more to astrology than that. It’s a tool for predicting for yourself and others,...
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  • [NEW MOON] If you like to work with Goddess energies
    There’s a New Moon in Gemini on May 25 / 26 (depending on where you are in the world) Here are the exact Moon times from around the world: New...
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  • Cosmic Girl – May 22 2017
    There’s a New Moon in Gemini coming this week so it’s the time to think about how well you’re communicating, no matter which sign you are. In fact, each New...
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  • The New Moon Report – New Moon in Gemini, May 2017
    There’s a New Moon in Gemini coming this week so it’s the time to think about how well you’re communicating. In fact, each New Moon brings in different energies. If...
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  • Cosmic Girl – May 15 2017
    Sometimes I wonder how on earth it is that the heavens and earth seem to work in synch and how astrology can be so accurate. All I can say is...
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  • Are you ready to study astrology?
    Would you like to learn astrology, beyond what you read in magazines and on the net? To really know the basic rules for yourself, so you can decode what you...
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