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  • Should you tell people what you’re manifesting?
    As we move towards the New Moon, this is an important question. Have you heard of Sarah Prout? She is a fellow Aussie and a fellow manifesting teacher. She’s amazing...
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  • It’s that time of the month…
    For anyone feeling discombobulated, as the Moon moves into its deepest and darkest part of the waning cycle.
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  • July 2017 New Moon in Leo
    One of the most powerful ways to connect with the New Moon is to use it as a portal to the Divine. Believe it or not, this is actually easier...
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  • How to work out where the New Moon or Full Moon is in your chart
    I came up with this magical grid at a workshop I held in Australia in early 2016. Some students had been confused about what I was trying to explain – as...
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  • Cosmic Girl – July 17 2017
    The first few days of the week brings some intense astrology that could have some of us feeling discombobulated. There is a clash between Venus and Neptune, to start with....
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  • Thank YOU
    One year ago this week, my book Moonology was published by Hay House! I am amazed, agog and *delighted* that it is STILL at number 1 on amazon UK astrology...
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  • Is this your sacred mala?
    QUARTER MOON COMPETITION Once a month, at the First Quarter Moon, we give away something awesome! 50% of the profits from this sale will go to fund the final year...
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  • Weekly Astrology
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  • July Moonscope Message
    In case you missed it! Aries – this month is all about finding a balance between all the efforts you’re required to make at work versus your need for some...
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  • Cosmic Girl – July 10 2017
    The weeks kicks off with the Full Moon – it will take place at 2.06pm today (Sunday). The Full Moon takes place once a month, when the Sun and the...
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  • Been misbehaving?
    Been misbehaving? I know I have! If so, you might need to forgive yourself. Or someone else? Lucky we have the Full Moon upon us. Full Moon forgiveness + gratitude...
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  • July 2017 Full Moon report
    The Full Moon is the time when your emotions come up to the surface for you to deal with them. If you work with them, you can clear yourself out...
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  • July 2017 Love Stars
    What are your love prospects for July looking like?
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  • Cosmic Girl – July 3 2017
    The week kicks off with a big bang as Mars and Pluto have their once-every-two-years clash. On the one hand, if your sex life has been down the toilet, this...
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    NEW MOON WORKSHOP: YOUR GUIDE TO THE AUGUST 2017 ECLIPSES PLUS a New Moon wishing session | London | July 23 Hello Londoners and near-Londoners! I am extremely excited to...
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