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The skies are really intense this week, as we move from last week's New Moon to next week's Full Moon. The Sun is moving from gentle Pisces and into fiery Aries, then clashing with Mars. That alone is going to change the vibe. Please note, this is in no way any kind...

FREE New Moon Wishing Guide

FREE New Moon Wishing Guide

What if I told you that there is a way to work with the New Moon to create the life you have always dreamed of?  Well, there  is. How do I know? Because I have been doing it myself for 20 years and I've taught thousands of people to do it too. It's quite simple. At...

About Moonology’s Yasmin Boland

My name is Yasmin Boland and for the past (nearly!) 20 years, I’ve been teaching people to work with the magic of the lunar cycles. The monthly Waxing Cycle (as the Moon moves from New to Full) is the time to work hard on your dreams, to focus on manifesting and to push hard. The monthly Waning Cycle (as the Moon from from Full to New) is the time to just ‘be’, to let go, to relax.

If you’ve been working on manifesting and creating your own reality but so far, nothing has worked, working with the Moon really can be the missing link! It will also allow you to connect to the Divine, the God/dess, the angels, your chakras and more.

It’s my firm belief that working with the moon connects us to the planet’s and the cosmos’ cycles – living intentionally and consciously will change your life for the better and it’s so easy to do when you stay connected to the Moon.

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