If you’re in Sydney, and you work in town, join me at 12.30pm (byo lunch!) on July 22 at Adyar Bookshop, 99 Bathurst Street, City, Sydney, Australia 2000 as I talk about :

Astrology and the Law of Attraction.

The blurb: There’s a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction lately, have you noticed? It tells us that what we believe to be true is true for us. That we create our reality with our thoughts.

So, where does this leave astrology?

I believe astrology and the Law of Attraction actually dovetail very nicely. In fact, it’s part of the basis for my new book Cosmic Love.

Come along! RSVP if possible please so we have an idea of numbers.

PS When I said at the start of the year I wanted to do more bookshop events, I didn’t know how powerful my intentions were! This is my fifth or sixth event for the year!

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