“I focussed on and manifested into my life, that a current relationship I was in, would be happy and loving. And guess what?

He returned with his tail between his legs and extremely apologetic. I said “Thankyou Universe”. And I was kind and understanding to him as I also make and have made many mistakes.

Now concentrating on Manifesting Abundance (continuously) and a Great New job into my Life.

Also Manifesting on saving a lot more than I do as I let myself down at times of which I am very aware of.

Thankyou Yasmin for your daily emails, I love to read them in order to stay on track, expect the unexpected and have a Positive, Loving and Productive day.

Blessings to you always. Have a Beautiful day.”


While we can’t influence other people or meddle with their free will, we can do things like sending lots of love to reopen the doors to communication and relationship.

And there is no better time to do that than at the New and Full Moon.

Want to know more? Near Sydney?

Please join me for my only 2017 Australian workshop!

I am super-duper excited to let you know that I will be holding a four-hour Working With The New Moon workshop in Bondi on May 28 2017. Tickets and details are here!

So … I would like to invite you to come and learn how to work with the New Moon and become a powerful manifestor!


The workshop will take place while we are still in the NEW MOON PHASE so this time around, I will be focusing on how to work with the New Moon. (At my most recent Sydney workshop we covered the Full Moon). My vision is for people to leave knowing all they need to about how to work with the New Moon.

You will learn … the 3 best ways to work with the New Moon.

These include:

1. Making wishes and setting your intentions in time with the 12-13 New Moons every year. I will talk you though the details of my 12 step method and we will do an actual New Moon wishing and intention setting ceremony on the day. Perhaps you already know the theory? Now let’s bring it to life!

2. You will learn about how to work with the energies of the sign that each New Moon is in. For example, the New Moon at the time of the workshop will be in Gemini. What are the best ways to use that energy? You will find out all about that! I will also teach you a lovely way to do a Tarot or oracle spread for every New Moon to get an idea what challenges and opportunities you’re facing.

3. Plus I will teach you how to work out which part of YOUR chart the New Moon is triggering and what that means. Knowing this means you can work on yourself once a month to plan, predict and indeed create your life. Once you know where the New Moon is, you can get a better idea of what to expect in the four weeks that follow. Plus you will have a better idea about what potential lies ahead.

>>> You don’t need to be an astrologer to plan, predict and create your life… no previous astrology knowledge is required.

>>> Please click here to book your ticket with the earlybird price

There will also be meditations to start and finish our day, chakra, angels and Goddess info and more. There will be random free readings of your personal horoscope and via angel cards. There will info about visualisations, freebies and music!

Most important though will be learning how to set your intentions under the New Moon and actually doing it together!

Working with the New Moon once a month is incredibly powerful! It’s just a matter of being determined to shape your own future. I know you will leave this workshop inspired and able to do exactly that.

In the past few years, I have been all over the world – including London, New York and Paris – giving New and Full Moon lectures – I am bringing all that I have learned to Bondi, one of the places I love most on earth!

Doing those workshops was one of my dreams. Dreams really can come true! But we also need to put some effort into them. Working with the heavenly energies will also guide you. So come and learn now to make your dreams come true!

Seats are strictly limited and sold out very fast last time around.. JUST SAYING!

On the day, I will also be selling and signing books. Plus I aim to have at least one other astrologer present to help you, if you start to get stuck with any of the concepts.

This workshop will be fun, informative and hands-ons. You will leave with lots of practical tools you will be able to use for the rest of your life and perhaps even teach to friends, family and clients.

Please grab the early bird special and make my day!

Where: Seagull Room at the Bondi Pavilion
When: Sunday May 28, 2017, 11.15am to 3.45pm
How much: $99 earlybird up to April 28 then $120

>>> Tickets are here.

Thanks and all best wishes to you and yours,

Yasmin x